CJ Industries LLC was designed to assist both the individual and business.   We saw the problems many people and business owners face and we set out to provide a solution.  We seek to solve this problem by offering a focus on financial literacy to teach effective money management skills.  We also assist the business owner by offering bookkeeping and accounting services.

The problem that is addressed by CJ Industries LLC is one that is all too common among individual that wants to manage their finances and enjoy life at the same time but may not know how or understand what is needed to pull themselves out of that money hole. 

According to the Money.CNN.com, approximately 70% Americans do not have $1,000 in the bank.  It was also reported that if a $400 emergency occurred, the average American would need to borrow the money to cover the emergency.  CJ Industries LLC wanted to make a difference in the way people view money and how they manage their finances.  While we are not an investment company, we focus on teaching the individual how to set up a budget they can follow to achieve their financial goals.  We felt it was important to begin with the basics of the problem and provide various methods of budgeting and saving to solve the problem and help people with a desire to become better savers and money managers.  

CJ Industries LLC saw the problem most people face and have put products and services in place to assist and combat this issue. We also understand that most people do not have a written budget or at the very least fail to follow the budget plan. According to a recent study by U.S. Bank, only 41% of Americans use a budget even though it is one of the most effective ways to keep track of our finances.

The second problem that CJ Industries LLC addresses is with the business owner – especially the newbie- who is unfamiliar with appropriate business structure, necessary paperwork that must be completed and simply how to perform monthly reporting to understand how the new business is truly doing.   

Additionally, CJ Industries LLC provides accounting and bookkeeping services to business entities.  We provide businesses with monthly, quarterly and annual reporting to allow effective operations and governmental compliance.  The problem we seek to solve for businesses focus on those which have the courage and tenacity to start and operate a business and want to leave the accounting and bookkeeping requirements to the professionals.  We solve that problem by providing these services while the business owner can focus on providing the products and services to their clients. 

We have over twenty-five years of experience with tax compliance, auditing and business bookkeeping under our belts.  We have provided numerous industries with tax compliance services including tax preparation and internal control analysis among other vital services.

Yolanda Stokes, named as the Financial Concierge, has a heart for service and helping those in need.  Yolanda’s expertise and experience is in accounting and tax law.  Yolanda has served as an audit team manager for over eight years coaching and training auditors in the business of tax compliance, audit strategy and what to look for related to audit risk.   Prior to becoming an audit supervisor, Yolanda worked in various industries as an auditor, such as the public accounting sector, nonprofit sector, and the utility sector as an internal auditor.  Throughout the years, Yolanda has worked as an internal auditor, an external auditor and audit team manager where a love for tax compliance was developed as well as coaching and training other auditors.  Yolanda has also assisted numerous taxpayers by presenting them with “exceptions” <areas of risk in which liability was discovered> in order to prevent future liability.  Throughout these years, it was determined that many business owners simply were unaware of the tax law and required record keeping requirements.  Therefore, Yolanda set out to assist business owners <especially small to midsize business> as they operate to ensure reporting needs are met. CJ Industries LLC is committed to providing its clients with these services, so they may operate without worry or concern.

Yolanda Stokes

Owner, Financial Concierge

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